Selling tips

Tips to selling your home

1. Keep it clean

Even if you are the cleanest, tidiest person in town, the reality is that you are probably going to need to do at least a few things to spruce up your home.

2. De-clutter

Clutter will shrink your home!

Even if arranged neatly it will make your home not only appear smaller and messier, but can distract your prospective buyers, so they won't notice all the positive qualities your space has to offer.

To make some space, move unnecessary furniture into the attic, basement or garage. Better still, get it out of the apartment altogether. Remember that homebuyers will open everything.

If your cupboards look jammed full and buyers are hit by falling shoes when they open the doors, their lasting impression will be one of a lack of storage space.

Self-storage depots are an invaluable tool for the house mover.

3. Freshen up

A fresh coat of paint or that general remedial work you meant to address can do wonders to smarten your urban apartment. As will deep cleaning your chrome fittings, touching up a chipped cupboard door and ironed bed linen in the bedroom.

Strategically placed flowers throughout a home can really make a difference too. A little time and effort in preparing your home for selling will help the process be faster and more successful.

4. Make your home "anonymous"

Whilst we understand that selling your home is a stressful time, it is important to remove emotion from the equation by putting away any personal and symbolic items, such as family photo's and souvenirs. This allows potential buyers the opportunity to see the space as their potential home, not yours.

It also helps them concentrate on the aspects that they should be looking at; your desirable home not being distracted by your amazing paraphernalia.

5. The facts you need to be honest too

You stand a much better chance of selling your space if you have acknowledged any problems and reflected them in the asking price.

Forearmed is forewarned up front honesty about your space from your first negotiation with a buyer will mean that they will have less reason to reduce their offer price or change their mind later in the proceedings.

We would also recommend that you ask your agent to give you an honest opinion of anything about your home which is likely to affect its sale. Their honest advice is always given with your best interests firmly at heart.

When your agent does complete the particulars, make sure you see them and check them carefully. Have they missed anything? Does the description accurately reflect the character of your home? Do the photographs show the space to its best advantage?

Speeding up the process

How much time does it take to buy and sell? This can vary drastically depending on the market. All in all, the process (done properly and with the results that you want) can typically take about 3-6 months:

  1. To market and exchange yours (not complete) 8-12 weeks (in a booming market we can have a space under offer within one day!)
  2. To look, saturate an area, offer and exchange 8-12 weeks (in a quiet market, with your space marketed at the wrong price this can take up to three months).
  3. To complete 1-8 weeks. This can be simultaneously or at any agreed time frame after the exchange between the two parties.

All the same, you can speed up the process. Don't worry about nagging. Nag everyone; the agent, your solicitor, whoever it takes. Don't take 'no' for an answer. Whether it's with regard to seeing a space to getting a sale through, to making an offer or indeed finding a space to start with.

Nag your mortgage broker to ensure that he has got your mortgage offer through as quickly as possible, even if you haven't found something you want to buy. The longer the deal is in hand, the bigger the chance it has of falling through!

Kingsly thinks part of our role is to help with this. We know that time is of the essence and go out of our way to be responsive and to facilitate your sale efficiently.