Letting process

Property management

You may want to manage the let of your property yourself or, you may need a little help.

Realising that different landlords require different levels of assistance, Kingsly provides a tailor made service to suit your needs offering however much, or little involvement from our team as you require.

Why choose us to manage your property?

Increasingly, both private and corporate tenants are demanding professionally managed lets just one reason that our tailor made, comprehensive property management is an essential part of our lettings service. After finding you a tenant, we look after both parties throughout the tenancy.

Quality of personnel

However good the reputation of the agent, it can soon be tarnished by the quality of the property manager allocated to the property. We understand that we are dealing with people's homes and therefore our staff must not only be professional, but also caring and understanding in dealing with very personal matters. Our dedicated property management team have demonstrated to us that they possess these qualities and, are consequently, highly regarded by their clients and residents.


Communication comes in many forms and we have very strict requirements in how we deal with emails, telephone calls and letters. However, that communication also extends into how we communicate to our clients. Our new online landlord login feature enables you to download documents, statements, invoices and view financial records and completed inventories. Everything you want. Right at your fingertips.

Visiting the property

Property Management cannot be carried out from the office alone. It is vital that the property manager visits your property on a regular basis.


Kingsly Estate Agents retain a full range of consultants specialising in lifts, boilers, mechanical and engineering, asbestos removal and other distinctive trades, so any works required can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Our expert consultants can also advise and supervise on modernisation and refurbishment programmes, in order to maximise rental income.

Kingsly makes it easy for you

We appreciate that different clients require different levels of assistance and have, therefore, come up with a variety of packages to suit your property management needs.

1. The Full Management service

Our Gold Property Management Service provides specialist assistance at all levels. The fee is 7.5% No VAT. This service includes:

2. The Let Only and Rent Collection service

Our Silver Property Management Service provides specialist assistance in line with the new legislation regarding deposits. The fee is 6% NO VAT and is taken in advance. This service includes:

Monthly rent collection:

3. The Let Only service

Our Let Only Property Management Service is available to landlords for the fee of 5% No VAT and is taken monthly in advance.

The service offers:

Landlords Fee List

We are open and transparent with our charges and fees, they are all inclusive of VAT.

We are also members of a redress scheme: The Property Ombudsman - TPO' (Consumer Rights Act s83) Membership Number D04560.