Sales Process

The sales process

Our service to you begins with a free valuation.

One of our qualified staff will come and inspect your space and give you sound advice on all aspects of selling your home.

Our knowledge of what is in demand means we can recommend improvements where needed, to achieve not only the best price, but in a timescale that suits you.

This really helps take the stress out of the process and means that you'll be selling your space on your terms!

  1. Depending on your space's quality, size and location, our experienced team will recommend the appropriate asking price.Once both the price and the terms and conditions have been agreed, we will begin the marketing process writing details, taking photos and arranging floor plans.
  2. Before we can notify any potential buyers for your space, you will need to order a Home Information pack.
  3. It is also in this first stage that we recommend that you start the ball rolling by instructing a solicitor. Some solicitors will produce the Home Information Pack (HIP) for free if they're involved in the conveyencing. In the event that they don't, Kingsly can recommend a solicitor that will or put you in touch with a HIP provider.
  4. We can also arrange a free visit from our 'house doctor' to give you some very useful tips on how to prepare your space to achieve the highest price possible. We will then upload your space's details to the web all whilst beginning the search for the most suitable purchaser on our extensive network.
  5. Once you have instructed your Solicitor and ordered the HIP, they will ask you to arrange for the property deeds, fixtures and fittings form and any further information to be sent to them.